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Section 1: Membership Eligibility.

  • The PCC shall have as members any business mailers who use the services of the Postal Service within the sponsoring Postal Service manager’s geographic area. The term “business mailer” shall have the meaning provided in Publication 286.
  • Postal Service employees will join the PCC membership and participate as determined by the Postal Service and in accordance with the needs of the PCC.
  • There shall be no stockholders or other equity holders of the PCC. The members shall not have any voting or other rights, except those expressly provided for herein.
  • A PCC member who is deemed to be a competitor of the Postal Service, as determined in the discretion of the Executive Board after reviewing the Publication 286 definition of competitor, shall not be eligible to serve as an Executive Board member or an officer.

Section 2: Membership Dues, Contributions and Donations.

  • The Board may establish and the PCC may charge reasonable annual membership fees, but no one shall be excluded from participating in the PCC because of an inability to pay membership fees.
  • The PCC shall refer to and follow Publication 286 regarding PCC fundraising activities, acceptance of donations and other financial matters.
  • The PCC shall keep such financial records and create such financial reports as are required by Publication 286.
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