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The HCAPCC recently hosted an informative ZOOM webinar on Every Door Direct Mail-Retail.

We are here to help, and hope to maintain and grow Marketing Mail while meeting the needs of our industry partners.  The Small Business EDDM-Retail Discount Program offered from August 1st 2020 through September 30th 2020 will:

  • Provide postage price relief so micro and small businesses can reach 10 percent more customers for their investment using a simple to understand and easy to use tool which offers targeting by ZIP Code and delivery route
  • Help printers, marketplace platforms and small business associations generate mail piece design and printing demand
  • Provide marketplaces a tool to support their platform customers’ growth
  • Provide a valuable tool for small business associations to promote and support their members
  • Support Postal Service efforts to stimulate economic activity through mail
  • Grow relationships with micro and small businesses for both mail and shipping in conjunction with the micro business Package Loyalty program 

To view the recording of the webinar, follow the link below:


Password: 4A*+57^G

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